Virtual website hosting

Виртуальный хостинг сайтов
Do you need to host a relatively small website on the Internet? For this task, virtual hosting of sites is the best suited, it is also shared hosting. The main feature is that your site will be hosted on the same web server next to other sites. At the same time, your site will have its own section with dedicated resources, but you will use the same software together with your "neighbors".

As a result, virtual website hosting is simple, convenient and inexpensive. It is also ideal for most internet projects:

Take your discount up to 20% More months of payment - more profitable hosting!

Prices in dollars are indicated approximately due to the unstable exchange rate of the Belarusian ruble and the exchange rate of the bank through which the operation will be carried out.

– Registration in BelGIE – 20 BYN rubles (≈ 7.6$) for one domain (Only for companies registered in the Republic of Belarus and operating on the territory of the Republic of Belarus);

– Add. disk space 1000 MB – 2 BYN rubles (≈ 0.75$) per month;

– Additional MySQL database – 1 BYN ruble (≈ 0.38$) per month.

– Placement on fast SSD drives;

– Easy-to-use control panel;

– Free site transfer to our virtual hosting, if necessary;

– Unlimited traffic;

– Placement on the servers of the Republic of Belarus (soon there will be added servers in Russia, USA, Germany);

– Free test for 14 days;

– Website builder;

– Manage PHP extensions and modules (Enable / Disable);

– Optimized web servers;

– Apache 2.x, CGI, Php-fpm, Nginx;

– PHP: 5 – 8;

– Support for version control system Subversion / Git;

– Setting up a web server via .htaccess;

– Setting up a web server via Nginx;

– PHP memory limit – 4096 by default, customizable;

– FTP access;

– Free SSL / TLS Certificates;

– Anti-spam mail.

When exactly is shared hosting needed?

For all these tasks, cheap virtual hosting using CloudLinux technology from the hosting provider SuperovoHost is more than enough. For a very low cost (only 8 rubles per month), you will receive a full-fledged placement of your site on high-speed SSD drives, as well as everything you need for its stable and uninterrupted operation.
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Why is it best to order hosting at

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Hosting on the servers of the Republic of Belarus

All our servers are located on the territory of the Republic of Belarus, and soon it is planned to place them on the servers of Russia, Germany, USA

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Test drive for 14 days

Test drive for 14 days You will receive a whole week of free hosting without any restrictions, so that you can be sure of the quality of our services

Виртуальный хостинг сайтов

Convenient control panel

Intuitive and simple control panel, and it is also possible to install any CMS in just a couple of clicks

Виртуальный хостинг сайтов

Responsive technical support

More than 190 ready-made templates for creating your website from scratch, plus a user-friendly interface and wide customization options

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Compensated transfer

When transferring a site, we will compensate for the already paid period from your previous hosting provider. All details here

Виртуальный хостинг сайтов

Unlimited traffic

You no longer need to sit and calculate whether you will invest in regional and international traffic.

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Dear Clients!

Due to the current global situation, our company has had problems with accepting payments, processing and issuing them. In this regard, the personal account is unavailable for an indefinite period! All previously purchased services work indefinitely and are not subject to deactivation. For existing customers, invoices for payment will be sent by e-mail in a manual format, if there are problems during payment, your accounts will not be disconnected! New customers can place an order through our email

Current shared hosting accounts are available at the link –

If you have problems with authorization, contact the hosting administration.