Promotion to enter IT

Do you want to start working in IT but cannot afford to start?
We give a 20% discount

Акция на вход в IT

20% discount when ordering for a period of from half a year on all virtual hosting plans, from the smallest to the largest. Also, with this promotion, you can apply the service of compensation for the funds spent on the previous hosting. The promotion is valid until December 1, 2021

Promo code: StartIT2021
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Dear Clients!

Due to the current global situation, our company has had problems with accepting payments, processing and issuing them. In this regard, the personal account is unavailable for an indefinite period! All previously purchased services work indefinitely and are not subject to deactivation. For existing customers, invoices for payment will be sent by e-mail in a manual format, if there are problems during payment, your accounts will not be disconnected! New customers can place an order through our email

Current shared hosting accounts are available at the link –

If you have problems with authorization, contact the hosting administration.