Types of CMS and the best CMS for the site

Виды CMS и лучшая CMS для сайта
CMS is a content management system separately or jointly by blogs, online stores, static website pages, etc. without knowledge of programming languages

As a result, using CMS systems, we completely divide the site into two parts: the first for the user and the second for the administrator.

CMS can be either narrowly focused, aimed at working with a blog or shop, or multi-directional, supporting a large set of functionality, combining several types of resources (for example, a blog with an online store).

What CMS are there?

There are both free and paid CMS. Our SuperovoHost team programmatically collected statistics on the popularity of CMS in the CIS, having analyzed more than 4 million resources.

What are the main CMSs?

Виды CMS и лучшая CMS для сайта


Виды CMS и лучшая CMS для сайта
WordPress - in 2021 the most popular of all existing free CMS in the CIS market and around the world.

This popularity has been achieved over the years: constant CMS updates, technology improvements, quick response to found vulnerabilities, and most importantly, an adequate community.

Thanks to its popularity, WordPress has acquired a large number of free templates and plugins that will allow you to create a website quickly and without professional programming knowledge, and a large community will be happy to answer all your questions on the official forum.


Виды CMS и лучшая CMS для сайта
OpenCart or its Russian assembly OcStore (CMS created by a group of programmers based on OpenCart) is a narrow-focus CMS that was developed exclusively for e-commerce (creating online stores).

The CMS has a nice and intuitive interface, one of the best built-in sales analytics systems on the market. Also as an added bonus, CMS OpenCart is able to create multi-stores with a large number of sellers and products.
Виды CMS и лучшая CMS для сайта
Виды CMS и лучшая CMS для сайта

DataLife Engine

Виды CMS и лучшая CMS для сайта
DataLife Engine (DLE) is a highly targeted CMS from the paid class, designed to create large news portals. Doesn't require any programming knowledge, and also has an extensive database of both free and paid templates and plugins. For a fee, DataLife Engine will develop for you any unique module for any task. And also the company provides a free version with no restrictions on functionality until the publication of 100 posts. The price for a paid license starts from 3990 Russian rubles and up to 10990 Russian rubles per month.
(the price from the official website is valid on 04/20/2021)


Виды CMS и лучшая CMS для сайта
1C-Bitrix is one of the most popular commercial CMS in Russia due to its full integration with such well-known systems as Bitrix24 (personnel control system and trade management), as well as the 1C accounting reporting system, which is used by most commercial trading companies in the CIS. This greatly facilitates both the control over the trade itself and the generation of monthly and quarterly reports, reducing the cost of accounting. The cost of this CMS starts at 5,400 Russian rubles and ends at 699,000 Russian rubles per year.
(the price from the official website is valid on 04/20/2021)
Виды CMS и лучшая CMS для сайта

To install the CMS you need:

Бесплатный тестовый период

Hosting service

You need any virtual hosting (location of your site) with the ability to work with databases. You can register both free hosting and hosting with a trial period.

Виды CMS и лучшая CMS для сайта

Domain name

Domain name - a name that will be available from anywhere in the world. There are both paid domain names (.ru, .by, .com, etc.) and free domain names (.tk, .ml, .ga, etc.).

We are ready to cooperate

Виды CMS и лучшая CMS для сайта

Turnkey website

Being hosted on our hosting, we can discuss with you the manufacture of a turnkey website from our specialists with a discount of up to 40%.

Виды CMS и лучшая CMS для сайта

Why are we better?

We have two full-fledged departments: hosting and development. This means that technical support will answer any question that interests you.

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